JK Rowling Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Fan

As NowPublic reported earlier this year, author JK Rowling filed a lawsuit against Steven Vander Ark for his attempt to publish a fan-created, but unauthorized, Harry Potter encyclopedia.

Today it was announced that Ms. Rowling has won the lawsuit and that Mr. Vander Ark’s book will be blocked from publication.

Do you agree with the decision? Should the fan-created Harry Potter Lexicon have been allowed to be published?

Author JK Rowling has won her legal battle in a New York court to get an unofficial Harry Potter encyclopaedia banned from publication.

Judge Robert Patterson said in a ruling Ms Rowling had proven Steven Vander Ark’s Harry Potter Lexicon would cause her irreparable harm as a writer.

Ms Rowling sued Michigan based publishers RDR Books last year to stop publication of the Mr Vander’s book.

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