Kanye West Ends Brief Boycott of MTV Awards

Oh Kanye, ever the egoiste, ever the self-obsessed rapper least likely to hold to a self-imposed awards show boycott when given the opportunity to self-promote.

And so it goes that Mr. West will once again grace the MTV Video Music Awards stage this Sunday in Hollywood.

A year after vowing never to perform on the MTV Video Music Awards again, hip-hop star Kanye West will close the show’s 25th annual ceremony in Hollywood on Sunday, joining a lineup that includes Christina Aguilera and the Jonas Brothers, organizers said.

The outspoken rapper was upset by his treatment at last year’s show, when his performance was relegated to a small stage in the Las Vegas venue.

West also failed to win any prizes, and accused the music cable network of exploiting Britney Spears, who inadvertently stole the show by badly lip-synching and dancing to her new tune.

The faded pop star will again open the show this year, but she will not perform.

“She will be … doing something so mind-bending, it’ll probably make you want to start families with each other in a random, possibly Mormon, way,” the show’s host, English comedian Russell Brand, joked during a press preview at the Paramount Pictures lot where the ceremony will be held.

Just for the record, I have no idea what Brand is talking about. But it scares me.

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