New ‘90210’ Premieres Tonight

The new 90210 is set to premiere tonight on the CW network but very few people know what it’s going to be like. Select details, cast member bios, and buzzy plot synopses have been released to the media and fans, but the premiere episode has been kept under wraps and out of the hands of salivating critics and reviewers.

Will the new 90210 of 2008 live up to its much-loved early 90s predecessor? I’m sure the blogosphere will be abuzz tomorrow once the premiere has hit the air.

The lights at the Peach Pit went out at the turn of the century when Beverly Hills 90210 went off the air. But the television show that was a pop culture sensation in the 1990s is back, in what’s being marketed as an edgy, updated show. The prime time teen soap premieres Tuesday.

Hype springs eternal, judging from the hoopla surrounding tonight’s debut of 90210 , the Beverly Hills, 90210 sequel from the producers of cult faves Undeclared and Freaks & Geeks – two shows that, it must be said, barely made a dent with viewers, even though they wowed TV critics.

If you’ve been keeping abreast, so to speak, of the entertainment news magazines, you know all about 90210 by now. Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth will return to the zip code that made them famous. Doherty’s Brenda is now a successful theatre actress who directs West Beverly High’s new school musical; Garth’s Kelly is now a guidance counsellor at the school. Also, Joe E. Tata will return in cameos as Nat, proprietor of the newly remodelled Peach Pit.

The emphasis is on the new kids, though: Toronto’s Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson, the proverbial new girl in school; Tristan Wilds as Dixon, the stepbrother and perennial outsider; Anna-Lynne McCord as Naomi, the rich girl; Michael Steger as Navid, the dweeb; Jessica Stroup as Silver, the girl rebel; and Yellowknife, NWT native Dustin Milligan as the popular jock.

The hype surrounding 90210 has billed it as “the most anticipated new show of the season!” but there’s just one catch: hardly anyone has actually seen it.

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