Roots Manuva to collaborate with James Blunt?

At first, it appeared as though Roots Manuva was being incredibly sarcastic when he said that he wanted to collaborate with James ‘You’re Beautiful, It’s True’ Blunt. But then I read this again and it doesn’t sound like it.

So, now I’m just hoping he doesn’t follow through with it. Don’t do it, boys. It ain’t worth it!

The trouble with Roots Manuva isn’t that his jokes sound serious – it’s that his serious comments sound like jokes. Earlier this month the English MC told us that he wanted to work with soporific balladeer James Blunt. “I wouldn’t mind doing something with … what’s his name again?” he said in our podcast. Oh, how we chortled at the ridiculous thought, even after Manuva claimed to be sincere. Manuva and Blunt hardly seem like kindred spirits.

And yet perhaps they are kindred after all. When asked again this week if he was joking about working with Blunt, Manuva told BBC 6Music, “No, no, we’re sorting that out, he knows.”

Alhough the new Roots Manuva album, Slime and Reason, is released on September 1, the hip-hop star is keen to record with the mope who sang You’re Beautiful. “We’ll just get in the studio, have a few wines, eat some cake and go for it,” Manuva said, giving us yet another bizarre image – James Blunt and Roots Manuva in a recording booth, devouring birthday cake.

Though Blunt’s not exactly part of the standard British hip-hop Rolodex, Roots Manuva had a cunning way to reach him. “I’m a personal friend of [James Blunt’s] guitarist and he put the message in,” he explained. “He’s up for it.”

“It could be pretty soon. I’ve got some time off coming up so I’m gonna pursue it. I’m definitely gonna try and get something in the bag.”

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One thought on “Roots Manuva to collaborate with James Blunt?

  1. shanthi castro

    I wrote back to the Guardian’s editor against this article.( I see the last sentence has been edited out here on Culturite)

    Dear Editor,

    Absolutely outraged to read “The Guardian” stoops to the same depths as the British tabloids. I had always imagined your newspaper and journalists to be a cut above.

    Sean Micheal’s article (August 29th) titled “I want to work with James Blunt” makes me ashamed to be British when the whole globe are able to read such prejudices.

    Such sentences as “Oh, how we chortled at the thought” referring to the collaboration of James Blunt and Roots Manuva working together leave me cold and wondering why the Guardian hasn’t found better music journalists to cover the story.

    The name calling “mope” and attempt at humour “lPerhaps he could leave Blunt in the bag when he’s finished”(groan) are beyond belief. Where are the real facts about these two great musicians.

    Sean Micheals, 0 out of 10 for that piece. -10 for the worn out humour.


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