Classic Rock Won’t Die: New Lynyrd Skynyrd Album in ’09

Dudes, I don’t know about this. The Skynyrd and some spaceship-robot-sounding musiciany thing called a ‘John 5′ are collaborating on a new album that is guaranteed to have you doing screw-faced air guitar solos until at least 2060, when you’ll be talking about the good ol’ new classic rock days of the early millenium. And that will be a sad day indeed.

After spending the last year or so working with guitarist John 5, the former Marilyn Manson band member who now plays with Rob Zombie, Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd is close to finishing its next studio album.

“We’ve been doing quite a bit of writing with John 5,” group member Rickey Medlocke told “Everybody thought, ‘My god, you are going to write with this guy? How is that ever going to work?’ But this guy came in and is really multitalented in all genres.

“I was surprised that this guy could sit down and play Glen Campbell and Roy Clark better than they do, and it blew my mind. And then he loves Southern rock, the blues and country. It really blew us away.”

Skynyrd plans to hit the studio this fall and finish recording by the end of the year. An early 2009 release date is the goal, on a label to be announced.

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