Digg Crowdsources Convention Interviews

Citizen engagement with political processes has never been as diffuse and ‘technified’ as it is today.

Although crowdsourcing interview questions for politicians isn’t a particularly radical or new concept of civic engagement, doing so through social media websites such as Digg and iReport – in the form of Digg Dialogg – will definitely appeal to a new audience of interested technophiles — most of whom are already well-accustomed to the clickable act of voting.

Just in time for the first day of the Democratic Convention in the U.S., Kevin Rose today announced a new feature on Digg: Digg Dialogg. The idea here is to allow the Digg community to submit questions that will then later be posed during interviews with “thought leaders and tastemakers.” The first person to be interviewed this way is going to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The interview will be streamed live online on Wednesday the 27th.

Digg is partnering with CNN’s iReport on this. Diggers will be able to either submit their questions in writing through the Dialogg page or they can upload a video to iReport. According to Digg, they will ask the top rated questions, but given the often rowdy nature of Digg, it will be interesting to see if the questions will be censored in any way and how the Digg users would react if that happened.

digg_dialogg_pelosi.jpgAs Digg’s CEO Jay Adelson announced last week, Digg will have a substantial presence at the Democratic and the Republican conventions. Giving Digg’s users at least some influence over the reporting from there falls right in place with Digg’s overall style.

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