‘Ageless Fantasy’ Perfume Claims ‘Youth in a Bottle’

This is one of the most ridiculous (and therefore amusingly amazing) ideas I have come across in a long time: the so-called ‘antiage perfume’ known as Ageless Fantasy.

Marketing gimmick? Sure! Pointless product? You bet! Potential mass market of ravenously self-obssessed, youth-hungry, aging consumers? Practically infinite.

What would you do for the possibility to smell young? Yep, you heard right, smell young. Now, there is an antiage perfume called Ageless Fantasy, and its creators billed it as “the world’s first antiage perfume.”

While there is nothing in the fragrance that can physically turn back the clock, it was developed on the principle that if a particular scent made a woman smell as if she were of a certain age, then other fragrances could do the reverse.

So, apparently, young woman smell a certain way, and when you get old the smell of Bengay and moth balls kicks in, so buy this immediately before you loose the pleasant smell of underage drinking and used condoms.

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2 thoughts on “‘Ageless Fantasy’ Perfume Claims ‘Youth in a Bottle’

  1. Kanchi

    Ya, that’s what anyone will think at first. But I m using it for 2 months. I can see the postive change of attitude people around me. I am a middle-aged woman & belive that nothing can be a better perfume 4 me. Love to wear Ageless fantasy!


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