Nokia Takes ‘Lonely Planet’ Mobile

Now this is a very smart idea. Paired with a GPS-enabled 3G mobile device such as, oh let’s just say an iPhone, travelling to new places will never be the same: no more stopping strangers to ask directions, you’ll be able to do it all by yourself, on your mobile, while remaining completely isolated from the people and the world around you. You’ll never have to talk to anyone! How…um…great is that?

Then again, imagine if, instead, you could actually use an interactive mobile map that allowed travellers to create user-generated mobile guide books with shared recommendations, travel tips, reviews, and favourite destinations? Crowd-sourced backpacking? I’m sure it’s already in the works.

Tired of lugging a big travel book on vacation? Some Nokia phone users won’t have to. They’ll be able to download Lonely Planet travel guides directly onto their mobile handsets.

On Tuesday Nokia announced a deal with the travel book publisher Lonely Planet to sell maps and city guides to Nokia Maps 2.0 users. The service will initially allow users to download information for more than 100 cities, with more destinations to be added.

Each download, which costs 7.99 euros, or about $11.75, provides maps with directions and some background on important sites.

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