Vietnam Releases Gary Glitter

Former pop star and convicted pedophile, Gary Glitter, has been released from jail in Vietnam after serving a three year sentence for molesting two Vietnamese girls.

Glitter will now be deported to Thailand, however, after that he is free to travel wherever he chooses.

But there is sure to be a mixed public reaction wherever he ends up.

Former pop star Gary Glitter has been deported from Vietnam after spending almost three years in jail for sexually abusing two girls.

Glitter, 64, real name Paul Francis Gadd, is on board a flight to Thailand, where he is due to change planes to fly back to the UK.

But his lawyer says he could travel from Thailand to another destination.

Glitter sold millions of records as a glam rock star in the 1970s, with hits including I’m the Leader of the Gang.

He was convicted in March 2006 for molesting two Vietnamese girls aged 11 and 12, having been in custody since the previous November.

His lawyer, Le Thanh Kinh, has said the Vietnamese authorities intend to deport Glitter to the UK, but that he could use his British passport to travel anywhere.

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