Micro-Blogging Music Site Blip.fm Launches

Give the runaway success of micro-blogging sites like Twitter and the growing popularity of digital mixtape site, Muxtape, it was only a matter of time before someone created a niche-based micro-music blogging site like Blip.fm.

I’ve just signed up and had a cursory glance at the site but, so far, the interface seems simple, elegant (and very Twitter-like) and there seems to be much good music being shared.

Are any of you on Blip? What do you think of the site and the community?

Building off of the success of peer music recommendation and micro-blogging sites, a new idea has entered the fray. Blip.fm is a simple idea that enables people to share what they are listening to and pair it with a short sub-150 character comment. Amongst the similar sites like Muxtape and Last.fm, Blip.fm has been dubbed the “Twitter for Music.” Users already enjoy a layout that badges power users and offers plenty of ways to track down others with similar music tastes. Simple keyboard controls and a scrolling list of “blips” aid an already straightforward website design. The site gives everyone the opportunity to feel like a DJ while keeping in touch with contacts through quick comments.

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