New ‘90210’, Minus the ‘Cheese-fest’?

Is a hip, angsty, edgy version of 90210 even possible? Isn’t the whole point of its Beverly Hills zip-coded teen drama existence for it to be a preachy cheese fest?

The show’s producers have managed to wrangle Shannen Doherty, Jason Priestly, and Jennie Garth into reprising their roles (I mean, it’s not like they were busy with other projects), so I’m still expecting some good stinky fromage 90210 redux, even if it’s minus the perma-blank, doe-eyed, plastic presence of Tori Spelling.

Then again, to Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah’s credit, they were producers of one of the best television shows ever made: the quickly-cancelled and utterly-underrated Freaks & Geeks. Now there’s a show that deserves to be remade.

“Gutter balls only, please!” someone yells during a rehearsal at the Lucky Strike bowling alley for the CW’s new series “90210.” So co-stars Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes downplay their bowling skills.

The spin-off on the fabled ’90s teen drama premieres September 2 (8 p.m. EDT). If the show mimics the hot bodies, hip fashion and angst-ridden affluence of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” it will also play edgier and less preachy, says co-executive producer Gabe Sachs.

“Look, we’re not stupid,” Sachs says. “We know people are probably expecting a cheese fest and that’s just not what we do.”

Sachs and partner Jeff Judah cut their teeth as producers on the quirky yet short-lived teen series “Freaks and Geeks” and “Life as We Know It.”

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