Isaac Hayes Likely Died of Stroke

Renowned soul singer Isaac Hayes, who passed away on Sunday, is reported to have died of a stroke.

No official autopsy has been conducted, however, Hayes’s family doctor listed a stroke as the cause of his death, and Hayes had previously suffered a stroke in 2006.

Authorities in Memphis say Isaac Hayes apparently died of a stroke. The deep-voiced soul singer died Sunday after he was found unconscious at his Memphis residence.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Shular said Tuesday that paperwork filed by Hayes’ family physician, Dr. David Kraus, lists the cause of death as a stroke.

Shular said no autopsy has been performed. No official determination has been released by the medical examiner’s office or filed with the Memphis health department, which issues death certificates.

Family members found Hayes lying on the floor of his home beside a treadmill that was still switched on. Relatives said Hayes was under a doctor’s care but did not give specifics.

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