Instant Oxygen Flying Off NYC Pharmacy Shelves

Everybody just take a deep breath in…

Ok, now someone remind to open up that oxygen bar I’ve been talking about; it’s time to capitalize on the trend.

With 1 in 10 Americans is chronically sleep deprived people are looking for anything to boost their energy.

First there were Red Bull and double espressos, but now comes the latest — canned oxygen!

CBS 2 HD decided to examine whether this is all just hot air.

It’s the latest way to boost your energy. it claims to do everything from helping your workout to boosting your memory, relieving stress to curing a hangover. Kevin DelGaudio, the inventor of instant oxygen, turned to oxygen for his own energy needs.

“You know you start falling asleep at the wheel a couple of intakes of ox and I’m wide awake,” DelGaudio said.

It’s all over the Web and around the world. People looking to reverse the effects of pollution and inject more energy into their lives are turning to oxygen, whether bought at a bar or now, in a can. Instant Oxygen, which claims to be 99 percent pure oxygen, is sold at the pharmacy counter of Duane Reade stores.

“It’s flying off the shelves,” one store employee told CBS 2 HD.

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