Mario Lopez To Host “Extra”

Of the Saved by the Bell alumni, who would have thought that A.C. Slater would emerge as both a bonafide minor-American TV celebrity and now a “rising star” celebrity journalist himself? Feel the power of the D list!

And Zack must be, like, sooooo jealous….

Mario Lopez may be doing a happy dance after being picked as the new solo host of “Extra.”

Lopez, 34, who’s served as a correspondent for the syndicated entertainment newsmagazine and co-hosted its weekend edition since January 2007, will take over from co-hosts Mark McGrath and Dayna Devon, the producers of “Extra” announced Monday.

McGrath asked to released from his contract to focus on his band, Sugar Ray, which is recording a new album, Telepictures Productions said. He continued to perform with the band while on “Extra.”

Devon, with the show since 1999, will return to her “Extra” reporting roots with celebrity interviews and “celebrity lifestyle” stories and will serve as a substitute host for Lopez.

Lopez is a “rising star with a winning personality both on- and off-camera,” “Extra” senior executive producer Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey said.

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