Stones Quit EMI and Roll to Universal

The Rolling Stones have followed the lead of other uber-artists like Radiohead and Paul McCartney by giving the boot to EMI and rolling over to a new deal with Universal. As the remaining major labels continue crumble and crash, it’s interesting to see that UMG is still holding sway with big name bands.

I wonder how this will compare to the 360 deals being offered by the likes of LiveNation?

Rock legends the Rolling Stones have signed a long-term recording deal with Universal Music Group (UMG), becoming the latest major act to leave troubled British label EMI, the band said.

The agreement comes a day before Stones frontman Mick Jagger’s 65th birthday, and follows the departure of Paul McCartney and Radiohead from EMI last year, when it was bought by private equity group Terra Firma.

“Universal are forward thinking, creative and hands-on music people. We really look forward to working with them,” said a band statement, announcing the deal covering all of the band’s future albums and its back catalogue.

Future recordings by the iconic group will be released by Vivendi-owned UMG’s Polydor label through UMG’s companies around the world. UMG had already announced in January that it will release the next Stones album.

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