China Claims to Have Foiled Olympic Terrorism Plot

China is claiming to have cracked an “international terrorist group” that was allegedly planning an attack on a football match during the Beijing Olympics.

This is a developing story. We welcome your comments, photos, and video.

Police in Shanghai have confirmed they have cracked an alleged terrorist group that was planning an attack on the Beijing Olympics.

A so-called international terrorist group was plotting an attack on a soccer match to be held in Shanghai as part of the Olympics, according to Chinese police.

Deputy director of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Cheng Jiulong, said a series of raids had cracked the cell.

He did not say where the would-be attackers were from or how many suspects had been detained.

The stadium concerned is where the Olyroos will play the first of two matches for China’s Olympics.

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One thought on “China Claims to Have Foiled Olympic Terrorism Plot

  1. Matt

    I just found this pretty awsome article, The Last Patriot, that sheds some light on the first encounters america had with Jihadist back in the late 1700s. Its a really interesting article worth checking out.


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