Fergie and Daniel Day Lewis to Star in Fellini-Inspired Movie Musical

I had to re-read this story about five times to grasp fully what I was reading: occasional Black Eyed Pea popstar Fergie is set to star with Academy Award winning actor, Daniel Day-Lewis (and a cast of other legitimately talente dactors) in a movie-musical inspired by Fellini’s legendary film “8 ½.”

I’m speechless.

Stacy Ann Ferguson, better known as pop star Fergie, is currently in negotiations to join the cast of the Rob Marshall-directed film of “Nine,” according to Variety.

Fergie, who appeared in the Weinstein Co.’s film “Grindhouse,” will play Saraghina in the film, a woman “who introduces Guido (Daniel Day-Lewis) to the world of sexuality,” according to the industry paper.

As previously reported, Day-Lewis will head the cast of the screen adaptation of the Maury Yeston-Arthur Kopit musical of the same name. The star of “There Will Be Blood” stepped into the role of Italian filmmaker Guido Contini that was vacated by an over-worked Javier Bardem.

Casting for the film also includes Penelope Cruz (Carla), Marion Cotillard (Luisa), Sophia Loren (Guido’s Mother), Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Judi Dench. The Weinstein Company produces the venture; Yeston and Kopit are on board as co-executive producers.

The 1982 Broadway musical Nine was inspired by Federico Fellini’s film “8 ½.” Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Michael Tolkin has penned the screenplay for the movie musical.

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