Get Bubbly: Lil Wayne To Launch His Own Line of Champagne

You’ve got love the excessiveness and inanity of hip-hop artists at their most materialistic: so Weezy’s getting his own line of bubbly. And I just love that ‘Halo’ has already had its own cameo in one of Lil Wayne’s videos. Will Weezy’s Halo be able to outsell Fitty’s Vitamin Water?

Lil Wayne will continue his journey from MC to mogul this autumn as the platinum-selling rapper readies his own line of champagne, dubbed “Halo.” The champagne had previously cameoed in Weezy’s “Lollipop” video. Four different variations of “Halo” will be bottled: Halo Brut, Halo Brut Vintage, Halo Rose and Halo Pinnacle, each with its own mix, taste, blend and texture. “Champagne is for celebrating,” Lil Wayne said. “I’m ready to put my foot in a new door. There are so many different business opportunities; I want to take advantage of it all.”

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