Old vs. Gold: Denim Gets Decadent

Everybody loves getting crazy with their denim. I have a vague recollection of an early 90s grunge-inspired style of jeans that came pre-blasted with double barrel shotgun holes and sold for about $500.

Sound silly? 

Well, how about paying an exorbitant price for new jeans that are not just sandblasted to ‘feel old’ but actually are old. As in worn. By someone. Before being sold to you. For too much money.

French clothing company APC has come out with new jeans that are either innovative or ridiculous depending on your point of view. The “Butler Worn Out” series are weathered, not by the traditional sandpaper method but rather by humans wearing them. This unconventional and time consuming method produces the desirable marks and soft feel of old jeans. To anyone considering these buying these (probably really expensive) pants, I have a suggestion: try a used clothing shop, lots of human pre-worn jeans there.

Sound silly?

Well, how about paying an exorbitant price for a pair of jeans dipped in gold? No, really. Hey, at least you’ll be getting your money’s worth. But it might be a little hard to find a washer/dryer set with a ‘precious metals’ setting. Good luck cleaning ’em.[q url=” target=”_blank”http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/goldplated-jeans-kohzo-denim-disco-pants”%5DIt’s time to get your gold jeans!

Bronze denim is all the rage for both sexes; however, although designs are available for everyone, it’s not anyone that can pull them off.

Featured in this article are the Goldplated Jeans by Kohzo Denim. What’s most surprising about the shiny, straight-legged pants is that they are actually made of an organic cotton-blend.

“They are rock-washed and distressed before they get the gilded treatment with an 18K yellow gold painted finish,” Vivre Notes adds.[/q]

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