EU Lifts Cuba Sanctions

EU members have voted to remove sanctions imposed against Cuba in 2003. Although the sanctions were suspended in 2005, today’s vote confirms that they will be fully and officially abolished, in order “to encourage more reforms by President Raul Castro”.

The European Union agreed on Thursday to scrap its sanctions against Cuba, EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said.

“Cuban sanctions will be lifted,” she told reporters after foreign ministers of the 27-nation bloc clinched agreement at a summit dinner in Brussels.

The EU measures were imposed after a crackdown on dissent in 2003 and include a freeze on visits by high-level officials.

The sanctions were suspended in 2005. Their full abolition was decided to encourage more reforms by President Raul Castro, who took over after the Feb. 24 retirement of his brother Fidel.

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One thought on “EU Lifts Cuba Sanctions

  1. Viva Cuba!

    At long last some movement. The Miami ex-Cuban
    gangster trash with their rich mafia Republican
    handlers are about to lose another one. If the
    American PEOPLE had ever been allowed to vote
    on this issue, we would have normalized relations years ago. EMBARGO MIAMI!! and its drug
    dealer BUMS!


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