Lil Wayne Sells a Million Albums in a Week, But How?

Lil Wayne has done the nearly impossible in 2008: he’s managed to sell more than a million albums in a week.

I’m as impressed as anyone. I can barely remember the last full album I purchased — it might have been all the way back in 2007. Well, tha illustrious Carter III, despite being leaked to fans in advance of the official release date, still managed to get fans down to their local iTunes shop to make a purchase.

So what’s Weezy’s secret?

Vulture breaks it down:

As some predicted it probably would, Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III has sold more than a million copies in a single week (exact number: 1,005,545), the first album to do so since 50 Cent’s The Massacre in March 2005. Making this even more impressive are that Carter III leaked a week and a half before its street date, that Wayne’s fans — now used to just downloading free Internet mix tapes — haven’t been to a record store in years, and that worldwide music sales are the worst they’ve been in twenty years, according to the results of a new survey (we’re not sure why they had to conduct a survey to deduce this, but whatever). So how did Wayne manage to pull off this seemingly impossible feat?

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