Exclusive: NowPublic @ nextMEDIA 2008

I have been in attendance the 2008 nextMEDIA conference in Banff, Alberta this weekend, which has offered a fascinating and very insightful look into the current state and ‘the future of digital content’ in Canada.

Running in conjunction with the Banff World Television Festival, which immediately follows it, nextMEDIA examines many of the key issues, opportunities and challenges that Canadian content creators, broadcasters, advertisers, and media are facing in this emergent (and perhaps no longer ‘new’) media space.

I spent much of this weekend participating in real-time online dialogue with other conference participants on Twitter. I invite you to read my liveblogging posts on my NowPublic member channel here.

As has been the case with several of the recent conferences I’ve attended in Vancouver and Austin,
the nextMEDIA sessions reiterated and reaffirmed that key industry issues such as monetization, distribution, and community-building remain not only hot topics of discussion, but critical issues that need to be addressed.

For me, the highlights of the weekend were:

Bill Buxton‘s compelling opening keynote on designing and implementing compelling user experiences

Jeff Bar‘s discussion of Amazon’s recent developments in cloud computing

Jim Louderback‘s amazing presentation on building “a TV network for the internet generation” through his experience with Revision3

• the Kris Krug-moderated panel on harnessing the power of social media (which featured excellent
panelists from CBC Radio3, Zeros to Heroes, Cambrian House, Elastic Entertainment, and ISWID)

• and the Ken Bautista-led panel on transmedial narratives and the future of storytelling

I will be updating this post to offer a comprehensive wrap-up of the conference events, however, you can also check out other nextMEDIA coverage here:

• nextMEDIA’s Extended Coverage



Bridging Media

It’s the very nature of digital media events to be incredibly self-reflexive and incredibly well-documented so, of course, there are plenty of #nm08 photos that have been uploaded to Flickr here.

All in all, it’s been an excellent event with a great group of attendees. I hope to have more time tomorrow to digest all I’ve learned and experienced.

Oh, and did I mention that I had dinner with Ed the Sock last night?

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