Crowdsource Your Branding With NameThis

Q. How many crowdsourcers does it take to come up with a good web 2.0 startup name?

A. Exactly 2.0: One to come up with a “playful“, “cute” target=”_blank”, or “quirky” word and the other to remove or add strategically-placed vowels.

Seriously, who needs the crowd’s wisdom when you can automate it?

Kluster, a startup built on the premise that it can in fact be productive, and perhaps even lucrative, to crowd-source tasks recently introduced to the world a project called Knewsroom, which I subsequently wrote a brief review of, calling it an intriguing effort that would surely be interesting to watch as it built itself a niche for news delivery on the Web. Today, Kluster adds another item to its budding portfolio.

It’s called NameThis, and it gives entrepreneurs the option to capitalize on the democratization of naming stuff. Not only entrepreneurs, even. Want a better name for your own private, or corporate social network? Maybe your robot? Anything, really. NameThis is there to make the process easy. If you’re willing to offer up $99, Kluster will present your concept or idea to the collective brain power that fuels NameThis. If you’re coming up empty when you’re ready to stamp out a brand or commission a big banner for your new shop, the folks tossing out names at NameThis can be a major help, and probably well worth the fee. (After all, marketing firms require massively larger deposits than what NameThis requests.)

When all is said and done, the system working behind the scenes will work some numbers and determine three winners; first- , second- , and third-place finishers. After Kluster takes its $20 cut, the parties responsible for the chosen names are each given $40, $16, and $8, respectively, with $10, $4, and $2 to be share amongst “influencers,” or those members who help promote the successful few to the top.

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