Donnie Darko Sequel Adds A ‘Showgirl’

This is a very questionable call. I didn’t even know that a Darko sequel was in the works. Now I’m a little concerned. Casting Jessie Spano in a Darko flick just don’t feel right.

Having fronted Paul Verhoeven‘s infamous 1995 sleazefest, Showgirls, Elizabeth Berkley knows a thing or two about the dark side.

So it makes sense the actress will feel at home in S. Darko, 20th Century Fox’s upcoming sequel to 2001’s indie sci-fi cult hit Donnie Darko, which launched Jake Gyllenhaal to stardom as a troubled teen plagued by visions of an evil, large rabbit.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, the story picks up seven years after the original, with Daveigh Chase reprising her role as Donnie’s now 17-year-old sister, Samantha, who is suddenly besieged by similar scary hallucinations.

Berkley plays a “speed freak turned Jesus freak” who seeks to rid the world of sin while flirting with her handsome pastor.

The 35-year-old Saved By the Bell alum can currently be seen on the tube hosting Bravo’s reality dance competition, Step It Up and Dance.

S. Darko costars Ed Westwick (Gossip Girls), along with Justin Chatwin and Briana Evigan. The film, helmed by newcomer Chris Fisher, has begun shooting in Utah.

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