Dunkin Donuts Pulls Ad Featuring Rachael Ray in ‘Arab Scarf’

What is it with the unending love for the keffiyeh as de-politicized aesthetic fashion flare?

Dunkin Donuts should have pulled this ad, but not because of pressure from conservative bloggers.

This ad deserved to be pulled because once Rachael Ray is seen sporting a keffiyeh you know that this year-and-a-half-old microtrend and formerly ubiquitous hipster accessory is officially dead in the water.

Remember when the Gap started selling cargo pants that zipped into shorts? This is what I’m talking about.

Ray’s stylist needs to dig a little further than Urban Outfitters’ “anti-war woven scarves“.

Enough already!

Dunkin Donuts has pulled a commercial featuring pitchwoman Rachael Ray wearing a scarf because Michelle Malkin and other conservative observers thought the scarf looked too much like a keffiyeh, what Malkin describes as “the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad.”

The Boston Globe reports that Dunkin Donuts caved to pressure from the conservative blogosphere — and the fear of a mass boycott — and removed the ad:

The company at first pooh-poohed the complaints, claiming the black-and-white wrap was not a keffiyeh. But the right-wing drumbeat on the blogosphere continued and by yesterday, Dunkin’ Donuts decided it’d be easier just to yank the ad.

Said the suits in a statement: ”In a recent online ad, Rachael Ray is wearing a black-and-white silk scarf with a paisley design. It was selected by her stylist for the advertising shoot. Absolutely no symbolism was intended. However, given the possibility of misperception, we are no longer using the commercial.”

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