Reddit To Be Magically Transformed Into TV News

You’ve all been waiting for it. Ready? Here’s the pitch: Reddit headlines as a televised news show.

Pretty amazing right? Yeah, I know.

Well, fear not, news aggregators and Diggnation rivals, because here comes YourWeek in all of its social news glory, reddy and willing to incorporate your ever so snarky, two cent attempts at witticisms into a real, live TV show on PBS.

It’s funny that the aim of successful online tech and web ventures is to be welcomed back into the loving Condé Nasty arms of big, old mainstream mama media, isn’t it?

Condé Nast-owned social news aggregator Reddit will today launch a new “interactive public television and internet show,” from WETA Washington, D.C. called Your Week. Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian tells us the show will feature Reddits usual topics — politics, arts, international, science, tech, social, sports, and pop culture — chosen by through reader and viewer voting.

Materialfor the show will come from hot stories on the reddit front page everyweek. Meta discussions about that content and the show itself will alltake place at yourweek.reddit,so please submit all your wittiest and smartest comments there. Anddon’t worry, the pilot (and hopefully all the future shows) will beavailable online.

Whereas traditional television new stories endonce the show airs, YourWeek — like reddit — will just be thebeginning. Throughout the week you’ll be able to share your thoughts onyourweek.reddit and followup with content you think was missed orcorrections that should be made.

We’re hoping to get somecontent directly from you, the reddit community in the final days ofthis week. We’re curious to hear what you think about lab-grown meat, NFL cheerleaders in Bangalore, and your most boring job – ever. These are just a few of the reddit headlines that are being produced for the pilot.

Also, if you’re musically inclined, we’re partnering with JamGlueto remix the YourWeek theme song — for prizes. The tracks of theoriginal and all the music editing tools you’ll need are all there onthe site. I suspect it won’t be long before we get a RickRoll remix…

We’re finishing taping on the pilot this weekend and I can confirm that the reddit alien will be getting on-camera time.

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