Former Friend Identifies Girl on R. Kelly Sex Tape

Today at school I learned two new things about R. Kelly and his sex tape trial:

1. Not only was was the girl who allegedly appears on Kelly’s sex tape 13 years old, she was also his goddaughter. (Shudder.)

2. There’s likely a good reason that Simha Jamison is now a “former” friend.

“I kind of know her like the back of my hand.”

Sitting on the witness stand, a 24-year-old woman named Simha Jamison told the court how she was able to identify the girl on the sex tape at the heart of R. Kelly’s child-pornography trial: They were best friends.

She also said the man on the tape is Kelly.

Jamison testified that she and the girl had been best friends approximately since the summer after third grade. The two girls rode bikes, rollerbladed, played basketball and went shopping together when they hung out, which was “every day.”

Through her best friend, Jamison said, she also met R. Kelly (godfather to the girl allegedly in the video). The two girls often went places where Kelly played basketball (at a gym called Hoops) and recorded music (at a studio called Trax), as well as his home, including a sauna room known as the “Colorado Room.” Frequently, when her friend visited her godfather, Jamison testified, she saw him give her money: “no less than 100 and no more than 500 [dollars].”

During Jamison’s junior year of high school, she said she saw a sex tape at a friend’s home, and recognized the two individuals on the tape. “I thought she looked just like my best friend … (and) her godfather R. Kelly.”

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One thought on “Former Friend Identifies Girl on R. Kelly Sex Tape

  1. xxoocrazeedancr

    OMG…this is gross…
    a goddaughter and her godfather!!!!

    i hope his ass goes to jail for this!!
    i always LOVED his music but not anymore!!!
    now i’ll have to question it!


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