To Tumblog or not to Tumblog?

Culturite on Tumblr

I spent most of this morning attempting to customize my Tumblr theme over at the ol’ Culturite Tumblog and, ultimately, couldn’t decide whether or not I should continue to blog here on my WordPress site.

I like the easy of posting to Tumblr – but I love the versatility of WordPress, and they keep making great additions and modifications to the blogging UI and functionality.

Having multiple blogs is kind of like having multiple email addresses (which I do), and I always forget which account I created for a specific purpose, so I end up not updating or using any of them .

That said, these days I spend most of my daily blogging time writing news stories for NowPublic — so perhaps I should just consider doing some cross-posting. Oh wait. I did. And I couldn’t get my NP posts to be sent over here to WordPress. Hrm.

The tum/blog saga continues. Any suggestions?


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