NowPublic secures $10.6 million funding

That little ol’ crowd-powered news site, just secured a very lucrative round of investing, that will surely help to boost the site’s already very public profile – and likely contribute to the incredibly rapid growth and development of what is already an excellent site.

I have been a contributor/wrangler/editor with NP for the past several months and I find the site, its editorial content, and its contributors, deliver some of the most consistent and fascinating content around. Congratulations to everyone involved – and I look forward to participating further in NP’s dynamic vision of citizen-journalism and crowd-powered media!, a participatory news network which mobilizes an army of reporters to cover events around the world, has secured a landmark $10.6-million round of series-A venture capital funding and is expanding an agreement to provide content for Associated Press’ extensive string of bureaus across the U.S.

Though there are similar sites, NowPublic boasts of having 118,910 members who write and post news stories, including videos from 3,852 cities in 140 countries.

Source: 901am

Further reading: NP co-founder Michael Tippett offers extensive coverage of this story on the NowPublic site and Mathew Ingram shares some interesting thoughts in today’s Globe and Mail.


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