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The #NationHood Mixtape

I just dropped a new project: The #NationHood Mixtape on SoundCloud and RPM.fm…really happy with how this one came out.

With a 90s NWA-style cover and a kick-ass lineup of Indigenous and allied hip-hop artists from around the world who got down with contributing music to make it happen, it’s been amazing to compile, it’s re-ignited my love for hip-hop as a global language for liberation, and it’s been amazing to see the response so far. Respect to everyone who’s supported and been involved.

Download listen share and enjoy: 


Also, RPM is back online! Support #Revolution2 and the return of Revolutions Per Minute—the only Indigenous music site of its kind.

And for your listening pleasure, here’s the previous mixtape I compiled for the Indigenous Leadership Forum last spring—the #ILF2013 Mixtape. It’s maxed out on SoundCloud downloads, but you can still stream it below:

RPM.fm – Revolutions Per Minute: Indigenous Music Culture.

I’ve been hard at work on a new project to promote Indigenous Music Culture and we’re finally getting closer to launch…

The project is called Revolutions Per Minute and you can find us at www.rpm.fm and all over the social web. Get in touch if you’ve got ideas about Indigenous artists and musicians we should feature!

Revolutions Per Minute

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Movie Trailer Storms the Internet

In what is sure to be the one of the most anticipated film events in years, the first trailer for the rabidly anticipated, Spike Jonze-directed movie adaptation of the classic children’s book Where The Wild Things Are stormed onto the internet on Wednesday.

After premiering on Ellen Degeneres‘ eponymous talk show, the video hit the web and began to spread like wildfire.
Tumblr Wild Things

Notoriously quick-on-the-draw social media sites are afire with posts, reblogs, and retweets of the trailer on YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr — but it’s bound to go further than that as mainstream media taps into this all-out fan feeding frenzy.

Twitter Wild Things

Admittedly, this is not the first look at the film. In recent weeks, production stills were leaked online – followed by the first official poster for the film.

But this is the first bona fide official video clip of the movie — and it looks and feels true to the book.

The only questionable element, it would seem, was the studio’s decision to set the trailer to The Arcade Fire‘s music. As triumphant and rousing as “Wake Up” is, it feels oddly out of synch with the film’s visuals.

Then again, perhaps we’ll just have to wait for the full-length film before we cast judgment.
It’s hard to imagine acclaimed director Spike Jonze and literary heavyweight Dave Eggers doing any artistic injustic to such a beloved Maurice Sendak classic.
Check out the trailer below (or watch the HD version over at Apple) and let us know what you think. Does it work? Are you as excited as the rest of the internet is?

This post originally appeared on NowPublic

2008 Polaris Music Prize Short List Announced

Is it just me, or are the 2008 Polaris Music Prize nominees not nearly as exciting as previous nominees and winners like Patrick Watson and Final Fantasy? Not to hate on other Canadian talent, but the only band that I’m really excited about from this list is Holy Fuck — their brand of mad, improvised, lo-fi, bit crunchy sonic madness is truly inspired. The rest of the short list acts seem like they could have been nominated any year in the past five or six years — surely there are other innovative, emerging Canadian bands worth promoting?

Indie rock from both emerging and established bands dominates the short list for the 2008 Polaris Music Prize, which organizers unveiled Monday morning in Toronto.

The indie rock wave is lead by Winnipeg veterans The Weakerthans, nominated for their latest album, Reunion Tour.

Other indie rock acts vying for the $20,000 prize include Montreal bands Plants and Animals (Parc Avenue) and Stars (In Our Bedroom After the War), Vancouver’s Black Mountain (In the Future) and Charlottetown’s Two Hours Traffic (Little Jabs).

Two experimental acts also made the cut: Toronto band Holy F—, for their album LP, and Dundas, Ont., artist Caribou, for his album Andorra.

Rounding out the list are hip-hop artist Shad (The Old Prince), Ottawa singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards (Asking for Flowers) and London, Ont., singer-songwriter Basia Bulat (Oh, My Darling)

Polaris founder and former music executive Steve Jordan established the fledgling Canadian prize to recognize the best full-length Canadian album of the past year, judged on artistic merit and without regard to either genre or sales figures. The award is inspired by Britain’s esteemed Mercury Prize.

Past winners are Patrick Watson and Final Fantasy.

A cross-Canada panel of 185 music journalists, broadcasters and bloggers determines a long list of semi-finalists, released in June, as well as Monday’s 10-entry short list. A smaller panel then ultimately selects the winner.

The third annual Polaris Music Prize will be awarded at a ceremony in Toronto on Sept. 29.

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